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IP Strategy

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At Yagod Morris & Associates, we offer a range of specialist Intellectual Property solutions for a range of clients including startups and international hi-tech companies and venture capital firms. Our innovative IP solutions enable you, our client, to attain your full IP potential and to maximize your existing IP assets.

We work closely with your R&D teams, developers and technology experts to discover the hidden IP that will differentiate your portfolio and define you as a key industry player. In order to achieve this, we provide a unique set of services to guide you through the process of IP development with efficiency and excellence:

Meeting your IP needs

  • Strategy Formulation - Developing a strategy for success based on a thorough evaluation of your IP needs.

  • Invention Harvesting - Working with R&D teams and other employees to draw out potentially patentable inventions.

  • IP training and consulting - Consulting key decision-makers on the most effective and lucrative patenting options, and training R&D teams to recognize and communicate their patentable technologies.

  • Explaining Technology - Counselling non-experts on highly technical patent material in clear, concise language, and effectively communicating the power of your IP assets to potential investors.

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